What is Jasmine?

Jasmine is a conversational search engine that provides answers to legal questions. It can often be difficult to start legal research with so many primary and secondary sources to choose from. To solve this problem, JADE has built a search engine tailored to the needs of the ordinary legal researcher.

After asking a question, Jasmine recommends a variety of judgments which we anticipate have discussed answers to the query. For most questions, these results will either discuss the applicable principles or relevant statutory regime. But this entirely depends on the question asked.

For example, asking Jasmine “when is coincidence evidence admissable?” returns results about when coincidence evidence may be admissible in a matter. Some questions might return poor results with one query, but good results with another. It is always well advised to experiment with different types of questions on the topic being researched.

How does Jasmine find relevant passages?

Jasmine leverages cutting edge natural language search techniques that do not rely on traditional literal keyword matches. This means Jasmine can understand the underlying concepts discussed by judges to provide the best pinpoint reference to your query. While some topics cover multiple areas of law, for instance penalties in contract and criminal law, usually a few on-topic results can be recognised and evaluated from the range returned.

As Jasmine is developed with legally trained people at the fore, typically the best results will be generated from thoughtful questions. But this does not necessarily mean you need to be a lawyer to use Jasmine. Jasmine will try to answer all types of questions. For instance, try “how do I get away with murder?” and see what happens!

By understanding the underlying semantic meaning of your question, Jasmine is able to find exact paragraphs to formulate the best available response.

How is my search history used?

It isn't. We do not keep a history of your search input.

At JADE, we value your privacy.

Jasmine does not:

  • use your search history to generate better results
  • send your search history to third parties
  • store your history for debugging purposes
  • recommend your searches to other users

Your search input is only used to find a list of answers and is not retained. As every search is unique, we cannot determine what search generates a particular list of results. And because Jasmine evolves as new cases are added, a search completed last week might not provide the same results as this week.